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([W.I.P. Any constructive criticism is welcome])

My name is Cybell Beth, I was born in 1627 as the fourth child to Edmund and Clemence Beth, Founders of what is known now as the Beth & Co. International Railways
Growing up the youngest of four siblings and child to the most wealthy and succsessful family at the time, I always felt like I was alone, Like I didn't belong.

Since our family was so wealthy, Naturally we were protected by the Royal guards of what is now Whales in England, The King and Queen valued our family highly for their trading expertise.
Fur, coal, livestock, Pretty much anything that could be moved and traded; My family dealt with it, We traded with families, towns and cities all over england using some of the earliest
railways, Back when it was just horse and buggy, Because of this I never had many real friends besides my siblings, Who were all at least 7 years older than I was, So there was kind of a disconnet
between us.

They went off to do their thing and I was always left behind, At least for the most part, But whenever I did hang out with them I would always feel like I wasn't supposed to be there, Ya know.
I really just kept to myself because of that, I had all the toys and stuff a little girl the the early 1600's could ever want, Except of course, A friend, So as grew I became increasingly interested
in stuff and people outside of my family home.

So on my 19th birthday I did what no child of a rich family would do in early 1600's, I snuck out of my home after my birthday had been celebrated, Past my siblings, Past my mother and father and past the royal guards
out into the courtyard out of our propety lines and down to a place I had only heard of so far, A pub down by the docks not to far from our home, Once there I felt like I had to blend in so I tore up the hem line of the dress I had been wearing
and snatched some boots and an apron I found lying around to make myself look more like one of the wenches, After muttering around for a few minutes I was called to by someone from the far end of the pub, It was a man, He looked threatening,
Tough and authoritative, But also kind, Well as kind as a stranger in a pub in the 17th century could be.

As I walked over to him I quickly realized that he was a pirate captain, Sitting with him was some of his crew, It was his first mate and I guess some other lackeys, When I got up to the area he was sitting as I could just barely make out his face in the dark of the pub.
His beard was probably the most notable thing about him, By todays standards you would have called it "Glorious", It was down to his chest, Beads and braids all through out it, The same could be said of his hair, Which was partially covered by his bandana,
It had what looked like in the dark, A skull and cross bones, About as sterotypical as you could get for a pirate, But he wore it proudly, His eyes were almost hypnotic, As I looked into them I felt an almost uncontrollable urge to listen to everything he said and obey.
But when he spoke, Oh man when he spoke, The most soothing and calming voice came out, SO soothing it was comforting, Like he was welcoming me with just his voice alone.
He spoke to me and complimented my appearence, I'll never forget, He called me "The most beautiful wench he had ever seen" and of course coming from a life where my only conversations and compliments came from my very busy parents and older siblings, I was enthralled with the idea
that someone had found me pretty, I was only nineteen I was naive, I know...

After his "Most beautiful wench" comment he began to ask for me to bring him and his mates some drinks, Thankfully I was able to sneak behind the counter and play it off good enough to aquire the drinks from the barmaiden, Who was running the pub at the time.
I brought the drinks and he told me to sit with him and I couldnt resist, I mean I'm gonna be sitting with real pirates, At the point my life felt like I wasn't just the "Daughter of the Rich Family" He made me feel nice, Ya know?

Anyway as we continued to talk he was able to convince me to go with him to the back of the pub, Where all the dirty 1600's sex happened, It was awkward and unconfortable, But again, He made me feel calm with his voice, Canstantly telling me it was fine and that I was safe.
Soon enough to started to move in closer and he began to kiss me all over my neck and chest, He could tell I was nervous and with his alluring voice and hypnotic eyes he calmed me down, Calmed me down by telling me a story of eternal life, Super powers like strength, speed, stamina
all the things you would want, But most importantly he told me a story of something that could get me friends and "family" that would love me for all eternity, He told me that he could give me all of that and when I asked how he would do it he explained to me what sounded like a diesease.
He assured me that it would be great, What he explained to me was the sin of becoming something I was told was pure evil, A Vampire.

Back in those times no one had really heard of a Vampire, But to those who had heard of it, They said that Vampires were Satan's demons in the flesh, But this man, This pirate made the idea of a Vampire sound incredible.
He told me that he could make me a Vampire and that I could go with him and his mates out to the seas and that we could live forever together, Being the dumb 19 year old I was I believed him entirely and before I could even finish saying "Yes" he lunged forward and bit me on the neck, I felt the fangs sink into my flesh
and I felt faint, But not in a bad way, A warmth passed over me, It felt like the most loving hug ever, But then intense pain in my teeth, My jaw began to ache and my body started to shiver and shake, I was transforming into this creature of unknow origin.

After a few minutes of pain so bad I could have sworn I was dying, I fainted and passed out, I woke up what I think was a half hour later and I was lying in the pirate captains bed, Oh by the way to make this easier his name was Valentine.
So I woke up in Valentine's bed on his ship, He was sitting on the other side of the room in a chair reading some paper, When he noticed I woke up and came over to me and asked how I was feeling and to be honest I felt great, I told him I had never felt better and he knew I wasn't lying.
He looked down at me and placed his hand over my cheek and help me to sit up.

He started to tell me that I was now this thing called a Vampire, He explained it's pros; Increased strength, speed, stamina, Hieghtened senses, The ability to see better in the dark an aversion to most disease and poison, But then he began to explain the cons...
A weakness to the sun, If I let the sun touch my bare flesh I would surely burn and he didnt mean a regular sunburn, Burn as in on fire, In flames, He explained that I could not go into the sun uncovered anymore, That garlic was a no go as it was the only thing that could make a vampire sick.
Like werewolves in modern mythology Vampires also had a thing about siver and nickel, It couldn't kill a vampire, But it would greatly decreased all the powers, But that you could build a resistance to it by carrying with you something made of pure silver.

He then went on to state that now I would live forever with him as his most beautiful maiden, I was estatic and so happy, I was going to leave behind my old boring life of nothing-ness and start a new life as the maiden to a pirate! I was more than ready and for 10 years everything was great, Val taught me many things
How to sword fight, How to fire a gun properly, First aid, how to steer a ship and so much more, He even taught me how to use the hypnotic look that only a vampire can accomplish, The same look he had given me way back at the pub, We were happy, I was happy and I felt at home, But it went sour one day.
Heheh..One day when we had docked on a small island, Val and most of his crew were out doing their normal raiding which I had became accustomed to, But me and his first mate had stayed behind because he wasn't feeling well and I was helping him around the ship, After awhile We had a lot to drink, Enought to get a Vampire drunk
Which is hard on account of the increased healing ability, But somehow we did it and everything escalated and ended up with me and Valentine's first mate in bed about to go at it, When none other than Valentine himself opens the door looking for his first mate to tell him of all the supplies and treasure they secured in the town, But...
when he seen us together he was furious, More angry than I had ever seen anyone in my entire life, He about killed his first mate and scared me half to death, He stilled loved me so he spared my life, But he banned me from coming onto the ship ever again, I begged and pleaded, But he was certain, He allowed me to stay on the ship until the reached real land
Not just an island, Once we did, He kicked me off and left me to fend for myself in what's now New York, I made due with what I had and I wonder for a year or so trying to figure out what I was going to do now that I fucked it all up.

I'm without a home, with out any friends or family, Nothing... After sometime I was able to fight a home by getting a deal with some rich family to work as ther maid, It was fine for what it was, A place to sleep is all I really needed, But of course I needed blood and every night I would sneak out to find whatever small animal I could and get it's blood, Wasn't great,
But ya know, what was I supposed to do. I eventually scounged up enough gold and other tradeable items that I could go off on my own again, I decided that maybe it would be good to try and go home, So I hid out on a ship that I heard was leaving to go across the seas, Luckily it was going straight to england, Once I got that I imediately made my way back to my hometown.
However once I got closer I started hearing things, Things I never wanted to hear...I got word of what happened to my parents.........

.......My mother was distuaght by my disappearence and had taken her own life by hannging herself in the grand hall of my old home barely a year after I left, My father kept on going, He had a trade service to run and a railway to improve on, But in some sort of freak accident he had gotten severely injured,
Too injured to continue working, He was bough to a wheelchair and I guess became very depressed, He had lost his daughter, His wife and his livelyhood and soon took his own life as way.....He...ran his wheelchair into the lake out behind out house and drown to death.......


The...the very idea that my parents had killed themselves basically because of me had me in shambles and it something I haven't gotten over even today...
So after hearing of their deaths I decided that maybe I shouldn't go home now, I mean how was I supposed to go back home and explain I was on a pirate ship for ten years with a man who was a creature that was at the time completely unheard of, I would have been vilified by my siblings and family friends for causing my parents deaths and then making such a crazy and insane excuse.
I came to the decision that I would sneak onto another ship and go back to America...and I did, When I got there I just kinda rode out my new life as an Immortal being, Going where ever I could and getting blood from who or what ever I could.
After about one hundred years or so, Stories and Vampires started popping up from all over London, Creatures who would kill and then suck the blood from their victims, Just as I would.
Soon enough books about Vampires and other such creatures like Werewoves and whatnot started becoming poular, I went out and got everything I could on Vampires, books news articles, witness stories, you name it, I eventually came across a book from before even I was born, It was bound in some sort of leather,
But not any leather I ever seen before, If i had to guess now I would say it was human skin, Regardless in the book there was spells, incantations and rituals from what I presume was an acient witch or wizard or something like that, But in it, It described what sounded like a Vampire, blood sucking, afraid of the sun and silver things, pale skin all of that, It said that these night creatures
could do very special things, such as transform their body, hypotize people, conjure demonic animals from nowhere, disappear, all that weird stuff, I read into and found out all of this cool magic that Vampires could do, I tried to learn and with a lot of studying I learned to manipulate fire, water, I learned how to transform my being into other animals and other forms like mist or liquid.
I learned that Vampires had an inherint ability to summon spiritual copies or Familiars of someone or something they used to know, I found out that I could conjure a spiritual copy of my old dog by remembering his personality and thinking really hard about him and after spouting out the incantions a demon like spirit version of my dog would appear as if from the ether itself.

I spent another fifty or so years learning as much magic as I could, and from then on out I just lived, However I could, This time not much eventful for another two hundred years, I made friends and lost friends, Seeing as how I could live basically forever, Thoughout the years I went to the funerals of all of my family, My brothers and sister, their children and theri children's children, It began to get to sad for me to go to the funerals
of the family knowing that they would never know I was there and that they thought I was already dead, So I stopped going after a while.

And Now here we are, SOme 300+ years later with me telling you the story of my life and while sad, I can't say that I regret any of it, Becoming a Vampire was the best thing I ever choose to do and even if I lost my parents because of it, I still have met so many new friends and people that I'm more than glad I found. Now I hid amongst the populous, Ever hidden, A wolf in sheep's clothing if you will.
About 90 or so years ago I figured out that Vampires can bite a willing participant and seal their soul by blood to become a servant. So over the past 90 years I've had a couple of servants that have didn't exactly want to be my servant, But oh well, However just a few weeks ago I found a new servant, He wanted to protect my previous servant who was old and dying slowly, I bit my new servant named Siegfried Bolt, I like to call him "Lightning"
Get it, cause his surname is Bolt? and when lightning strikes it's called a bolt of--Nevermind, Anyway He seems to be a fine sp far, Besides being reluctant to my commands, But he did choose to be my new servant, We shall see how all this turns out.

I hope you enjoyed sitting through my little life story. If you want to know more, I do have more stories, but they are a bit more personal So you'll have to convince me and unless you're Valentine, it's gonna be pretty hard.

Oh and by the way, these horns and tail is a different story entirely, I'll tell ya some other time, Just know I haven't always had it.
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