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It's unfortunate what happens to the ponies whom have a legitimate love for something, It always ends up breaking or leaving or in the worst case scenario dying. Especially in my case he knows not what true love is no matter what he says to her. they'll never know what it feels like.

But I guess in good nature I have to wish them good luck in their future endevours, Even though deep down I'm wishing he'd just burn. As I pour my heart out to all of you I say my final goodbyes to the filly I'll forever call my "Forgotten Soulmate"

It takes just 90 seconds to fall in-love with somepony. I managed it it in less than 1 minute and without even actually seeing her or touching her or even hearing her voice at first.

As for him I know he doesn't mean it, he may say it, But he'll never know what it's really like to be in love with her, It's like heaven and hell collided and spewed out the most enticing and beautiful angel of death, whom came to reap my mortal soul of it's love, So she could take it and I welcome it, I eternally give my undying devotion and eternal love to her.

Thank you for listening and goodluck to all of you out there whom may be having troubles in your relationships, Allow me to be a baseline, Your trouble will never be as hopeless as mine. Don't let go to something beloved to you under any circumstance.
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Submitted on
February 3, 2012