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Ya know, I once heard words that were so dumb sounding I couldn't comprehend them. It wasn't until tonight that I understand them.

"If you can love a pony having never heard their voice, Having never touched their skin or even seen them smile, But only speaking to them, The love for that pony is an unbreakable one, A love that almost no pony else on the planet could understand"

^ I know how that is now, I've felt this unbreakable love and because I have, I'm breaking down emotionally and physically.
I want it to end, But the love is so strong I can't find it in my entire being to get it over with and so I sit here not knowing what to do, Only knowing that unless I can overcome it I'm stuck in a never-ending circle of torment.
Believe me or not that I've felt this way, I don't care, But I will say if you ever get the chance to feel even half this love, Maybe you'll understand what it's like.
Thank you for listening… If you read the whole damn thing that is…

~Darren Green.
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Submitted on
February 1, 2012


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